Episode 89: Hogtober with Noah Fields

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode Eighty Nine!  And while we’re at it, I hope you all remain safe and healthy out there.

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This one is a Noah Fields two-fer, a mashup of two separate recordings.  I recently spent a couple days hanging out with Noah and his girlfriend Kaitlyn, during their first visit to Snake Road.  We had a pretty good time and I recorded just a ten-minute session with Noah, to get his thoughts on the whole Snake Road experience.  My aim was to talk with some other folks as well, and then put together a full episode.  But that didn’t pan out, mostly because I was concerned about over-saturation of the subject, because – I was a recent guest on the Orianne Society’s Snake Talk Podcast, and the subject was Snake Road. Chris Jenkins does a great job with Snake Talk and I’m featured on episode 89.

Anyway, after my Snake Road business was concluded for the year, I headed down to Georgia for yet another attempt to see a Southern Hognose Snake, Heterodon simus.  Hogtober baby! And I got to hang out with Noah for a couple days on his home turf, so to speak.  We recorded the second and larger session sitting around a campfire, and while hognoses and Hogtober were covered, we stray into some other subjects as well.  FYI I had an issue with my microphone about 42 minutes into the recording, but I managed to recover my audio from Noah’s microphone track (two mics, two tracks).  So be warned, the sound quality is a little warbly for about 8 minutes.  Warbly is a technical term.  No warblers were actually present.

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