Episode 92: Flipping Tin

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode Ninety Two!  And while we’re at it, I hope you all remain safe and healthy out there. I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year, and let there be peace for everyone in the days ahead.

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This episode comes out of a herping trip I made to south Texas earlier this year.  I almost always pack along my field recording kit, and I wasn’t very far along into that trip when I could see the shape of an episode in my mind.  On the last night before heading home, I sat down with Erik McCormick, Kyle Elmore, and Clint Guadiana to record.  Listening in post-production I could hear how tired I was – definitely not at the top of my game but it is what it is.  Before we get to it I want to give a shout-out to John Edward, Isaac Smith, Braden Alexander, and Tim Burkhardt, I really enjoyed hanging out and herping with y’all down in Texas.

Kyle’s YouTube Channel is Pop Milk!

Clint’s YouTube channel is Much Ado About Herping

Thanks for coming on the show, Hans, it was a great pleasure to talk with you!  And thanks for listening everyone! And as always, please keep the comments and suggestions coming, and please take time to rate the show on your podcast platform! The show email is somuchpingle@gmail.com, and there’s also a So Much Pingle group on Facebook, for discussion, comments, feedback, suggestions, herp confessions, tips for herping better, etc.