Episode 21: From Mexico with Love: A Conversation with the Vought Family

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode Twenty One!  I recorded a bunch of material while in Mexico back in September, including this episode with Shaun, Jeni, and Brandon Vought.  I recorded our interview at the Casa Juarez bed and breakfast in La Paz (an excellent place operated by a lovely Italian couple), where we stayed before visiting Isla Cerralvo just off the coast.  Herping families are a fairly common thing now, which I think is pretty cool, and so I was happy to get the Voughts talking about their experiences.  A herping family and a family of metal heads as well (hence the intro done by Shaun and Brandon).  I hope you enjoy our conversation – I know a number of parents who provide their children with full experiences out in the wide world, and not just with amphibians and reptiles.  And I’m proud to know them.

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