Episode 31: The Jargon Episode

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode Thirty One, recorded on New Year’s Day!  And I hope you all remain happy and healthy and that 2021 will be a good year for all of you.

PATREONERS!  Here’s a shout-out to new Patreon contributors to the show since the last episode:  Anastasia Ware, and Tim Warfel!. Thank you Anastasia and Tim, and thanks so much to all of my Patreoners for supporting the show! I really appreciate it. To others in the listening audience, if you like the show, please consider supporting it via the So Much Pingle Patreon page. And thanks in advance!

So this week’s episode features a different format – a panel discussion with guest hosts Andy O’Connor (top photo, right) and Justin Michels (bottom photo, right).  The three of us had an enjoyable conversation as we waded through a list of words and phrases that were sent to me by the listening audience.  Of course, we didn’t cover everything, and we did wander away from the subject here and there, but we still knocked out a significant chunk of the list.  I hope you enjoy the episode and please drop me a note to let me know your thoughts.

Also, in the epilog after the show I mentioned Scientific and Common Names of the Reptiles and Amphibians of North America – Explained which is a website created by Ellin Beltz.  Check it out and I hope you find it useful. One more thing – more information on the etymology of the word ‘terrapin’ can be found in my Getting To Terrapin blog post (links to scholarly info in second paragraph).

Thanks for coming on the show Justin and Andy!  Good to talk with you both.  And folks, if you haven’t done so yet, please take the time to rate this podcast on whatever platform you use – that goes a long way to support the show and spread the good word.

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Cheers!  Mike