Episode 7: A Conversation with Bob Ferguson

Hello again everyone!  Episode Seven features a conversation I had with Bob Ferguson, recorded in the New Jersey Pine Barrens last month.  I got to spend some time in the field with Bob and he was nice enough to spend an hour or so putting down the interview.  In the photo, Bob is on the left with me and Nate Nazdrowicz, taken at Snake Road in southern Illinois (back in the days when we could be in close proximity).  In our conversation we talked about herping in both local and exotic locations, adventure travel, and we also touched on Bob’s calendar project.  Bob’s been to some awesome places on the planet and it was fun to hear him talk about it.  I think Bob’s energy and passion come shining through in this episode – he’s a pleasure to talk with and a heckuva nice guy.

You can find out more about Bob via his social media channels:

www.fascinature.net – lots of Bob’s photos and other cool stuff

And he also has a Fascinature channel on YouTube.

On Instagram he is @bob_ferguson_fascinature

Thanks for coming on the show, Bob, and as always, thanks for listening everyone!  Next week we’ll be underwater, so dress appropriately!

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Stay tuned for more episodes! And don’t forget to herp better!