Episode 25: The Best Worst Project

Hello again everyone and welcome to Episode Twenty Five!  The episode where I experiment with a different format – 13 segments featuring a baker’s dozen of folks sharing their best and worst (or worst and best) experiences in the realm of amphibians and reptiles.  That’s twenty six anecdotes, if you think about it.  I have been collecting these tales of woe and woah for a few months now – many thanks to Andy, Mack, Bryan, Phil, Matt, Marisa, Shaun, Brandon, John, Pat, Alex, and Justin for your participation in this project. I had a lot of fun talking with this group and (with one notable exception) no two stories are alike!

STATE OF THE PODCAST NOTE:  I’m still working on making some merchandise available, and I hope to have that and a Patreon supporter page available soon!  Thanks for your patience!

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