Episode 28: Origin Stories, Part Two

Ryan Borgmann and his daughter

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Episode Twenty Eight!  I had so much positive feedback from the Origin Stories episode, I knew I would have to do another.  I started collecting interviews last May, and finished up the last one here in December.  Five stories.  Three hours.  I may have gone a bit overboard, but you all have been very good this year, haven’t you?

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Marisa Ishimatsu

Let’s break it down for this week’s guests!  First up is Ryan Borgmann.  Ryan lives in Longmont, Colorado, and I’ve used this picture of him and his daughter before.  Ryan’s photographic work (including his Beauty of the Misunderstood work) can be found at No Coast Photography.

Our second guest is Marisa Ishimatsu from San Rafael, California.  You may remember Marisa from the recent Best-Worst episode.  Her photography can be found on Flickr.  The photo is from Peru and she’s having all the fun.

Josh Emms lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is the current president of the New Mexico Herpetological Society.  Some of Josh’s family (see photo) had cameos on his segment and that was a lot of fun.

Josh Emms and family

Kamil Scepanski came on the show on short notice and it was fun talking to him about salamanders.  His cool website is here (translatable to English) and here’s a link about the California newt migration that we talked about.  His photo is a happy one, after finding Pleurodeles nebulosus in Tunisia.

Closing out the show is Deb Krohn, AKA The Frog Lady.  I enjoyed talking with Deb and I think she makes a tough job look easy.  Deb lives in the Chicago area and operates FrogLady Presentations.


Kamil in Tunisia with Pleuredeles.

So there you have it!  Thank you all for your comments, suggestions, advice, support, Patreon support, and for listening to the show!  I love hearing people tell me that they listen to the show while in the car.  Have a great, safe, and healthy holiday season everyone, and we will talk again next year!

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Deb Krohn AKA The FrogLady

Stay tuned for more episodes! And don’t forget to herp better!