Episode 35: HerpMX with Jason Jones

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode Thirty Five!  Apologies for the delay, thanks for your patience, and much warmth and good wishes to everyone.

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Our guest this week is Jason Jones, one of the cofounders of the HerpMX project.  I’m so grateful to Jason for coming on the show, as HerpMX is a favorite thing of mine, and for many other people as well.  It’s hard to find anyone out there in the herp community who hasn’t heard of Herp MX, and indeed this group has a tremendous following on social media, and for good reason. And if you go to the project’s website, which is simply herpmx, you can dive deep into herp adventure, species quests, scientific knowledge, and herp conservation in Mexico. If I sound like a fanboy it’s because I am one. I love back story – I love the deep details behind amphibians and reptiles, and Jason Jones and the rest of the HerpMX crew do a great job of providing depth and detail.  You can follow HerpMX on Facebook, and the project is also on Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you Jason, and thanks to the entire HerpMX crew for all of the great work!

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Cheers!  Mike