Episode 36: Snoring Thunder

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode Thirty Six!  I hope everyone remains happy and healthy as we move into spring here in the northern hemisphere. It is a wild and wooly day out today here in central Illinois, with high winds and freezing rain, but spring will not be denied.

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For this week’s episode, I packed up my recording gear and headed to southern Illinois, to participate in another Snoring Thunder adventure.  After a late Thursday night out chasing frogs in the middle of heavy rains, on Friday afternoon I sat down with Justin Michels and Jeremy Schumacher to discuss Snoring Thunder, crawfish frogs, Illinois chorus frogs, and a few other things.  That night we went out again and found a few more crawfish frogs before Justin and I made the long, late night drive back to our homes.

Many thanks to Jeremy and Justin for sitting down with me and having a fun chat.

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Cheers!  Mike