Episode 23: Turtle Talk with Carl Franklin

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode Twenty Three!  I like turtles, you like turtles, we all like turtles, so I’m very happy to have Carl Franklin on the show to talk about – turtles.  There’s Carl in the photo with a double-handful of Alligator Snappers. Carl is a very busy person, with an impressive list of accomplishments to date, and along with talking about turtles, we also cover a number of other topics – including flying turtles, weaponized turtles, and worm lizards.  And who doesn’t like worm lizards?  It’s been a long while since I spoke with Carl, so I was happy to sit down with him for ninety minutes and do some catching up, and I hope you all enjoy our conversation as well.  It was so much fun for me.

And folks, be sure to check out the Texas Turtles website, and if you can, get yourself a cool tshirt and help out Texas Turtles and of course, Texas turtles.  Conservation, research, and outreach, y’all.

Also – if you’re interested in worm lizards and amphisbaenians in general, check out WormLizard.org for more information.  I’ve managed to see a few different types over the years and I find them fascinating.

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Stay tuned for more episodes! And don’t forget to herp better!